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The origin of the college goes back to 1938 when the CWA opened a hostel in Northam to allow 12 girls, daughters of the CWA members, to attend Northam Senior High School. In 1941, (St.Christopher’s) a hostel for boys attending Northam Senior High School was built in Inkpen Street and several extensions were added between 1946, 1956, 1963 & 1970.

The present buildings were erected by the Country High Schools Hostels Authority in 1966 and named Adamson House in honour of the first President of CWA’s Western Division, Mrs. Mary Adamson. In 1978, the CHSHA provided for extensions to be added to the main buildings to accommodate 12 senior students. Also a 20 bedroom block was erected for a further 20 senior students, together with a house for the Matron and Warden.

Adamson and St Christopher’s House saw the appointment of a single Warden/Administrator for the management of both House in 1983. January 1987 structural alterations to St. Christopher’s House enabled both hostels to become co-educational. The junior students were housed at St. Christopher’s while the senior students were accommodated at Adamson House. In 1989 the name “Hostels” was changed and our title today is the Northam Residential College.

In 1990 Adamson House closed due to the decline in student numbers and all students were housed at St. Christopher’s.

In 2002 the College Board of Management approached the Country High Schools Hostels with a proposal to relocate back to Adamson House.

Following re-commissioning work the college was ready for boarders at the commencement of the 2003 school year.