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COST OF BOARDING – 2017  ( 2018 fees will be published shortly)

  • Net Cost per Student $20,940 (Public school students do not pay this fee)
  • For public school students $13,660 (subsidised public school boarding fee)
  • For AIC & BAHA recipients $3,460
  • For AIC Extra & BAHA recipients (with AIC additional) Varies $1,912
  • For GATE Allowance recipients ( Gifted and Talented students program only)
  • For Overseas/International Students (contact the College)
    ABSTUDY – generally no cost*
    Youth Allowance Varies*
    * These allowances are subject to an income test. Where a student is eligible for the full
    allowance there may be little or no cost. Once the residential college has received advice
    regarding your allowance, it will advise you if there is any net cost to be paid.
  • ALL allowances are paid directly to the College and not deposited with the parent.

St Josephs School (Northam) Fee

St Joeseps School student applicants are welcome to apply for any available accommodation places and will adhere to the “subsidised public school student” fee structure as stated above in addition to any school related fees and charges associated with boarding at the College.

St Joesephs Boarding fees are subject to the same AIC and BAHA, Abstudy and Youth Allowance subsidies explained below. Parents can apply for these subsidies as needed.


It is a condition of enrolment that financial assistance is paid direct to the residential
college. No action is needed in respect of ABSTUDY and the Student Boarding Away
from Home Allowance, but parents do need to direct Centrelink to make AIC payments
to their child’s residential college. Students on Youth Allowance need to make
arrangements with their residential college for direct payments on a regular basis. An
outline of these schemes follows.

Assistance for Isolated Children Scheme (AIC)
A basic boarding allowance and indexed annually, is provided by the
Australian Government to children who:

  •  live at least 16 kilometres from the nearest appropriate government school via the school bus route and at least 4.5 kilometres from the school bus;
  •  live at least 56 kilometres from the nearest appropriate government school via the school bus route;
  •  have to travel more than 3 hours daily, to and from school, via the school bus route.

Subject to an income test an additional boarding allowance, indexed annually, may be
payable. AIC is administered by Centrelink.
Telephone 132 318 (direct line) or visit to find out how to apply.

 Boarding Away from Home Allowance (BAHA)
All recipients of the basic AIC allowance are eligible for the State Government Boarding
Away from Home Allowance. This allowance is administered by the Department of Education
(Tel: 08 9264 4516) but under a new arrangement Centrelink will automatically send you
an application form for this State allowance if your application for the AIC allowance has
been successful (see previous page).

Youth Allowance
Depending on parental income, actual means and family assets, a student may receive
a higher level of Commonwealth assistance if he or she is eligible for Youth Allowance.
In general, students 16 years and over should apply for Youth Allowance if they would
receive more than $9,592 (i.e. AIC Basic Boarding Allowance plus SBAHA). Note that
while AIC and SBAHA eligibility does not affect your Family Tax Benefit, the Family Tax
Benefit is not available to Youth Allowance recipients. Note too, that eligibility for the
Away-from-Home rate for Youth Allowance for isolated secondary students is different in
some respects from the AIC and SBAHA allowance eligibility criteria.
Telephone 132 490 (direct line) or visit

Indigenous students can apply for ABSTUDY which assists with boarding, travel and
tuition costs of those eligible. ABSTUDY is administered by Centrelink.
Telephone 132 317 (direct line) or visit

Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Boarding Allowance
Country students who are offered a place at Perth Modern School or in one of the other
metropolitan gifted and talented education programs and who are not eligible for any of
the above mentioned allowances may be eligible for an allowance and is adjusted annually.
This allowance is administered by the Department of Education (Tel: 08 9264 4516).