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Northam Residential College – providing an opportunity for students in remote areas to senior attend high school by providing affordable, good quality, supervised accommodation, care and services.

Northam Residential College provides well equipped facilities with modern air-conditioned single room accommodation for all students. Facilities include student lounge and common rooms, pool and table tennis tables, study and game computers, wide screen TV/DVD, and access to tennis, basketball, netball, hockey and football facilities. Spacious modern bedrooms contain large study desks, drawers and wardrobes.

Northam Residential College offers a high standard of student accommodation with modern air-conditioned single rooms which allows students their personal space, privacy and a place for personal belongings.

The College has a Recreational Room with TV/DVD, table sports and computer facilities. We have a common room which is spacious and a place where students meet, socialise and sit quietly and relax. The College has computers which are connected to the internet and access to their school work.

Tennis, cricket and basketball courts are available at the nearby High School and are available to hostel students after school hours.

Northam and surrounding areas offer a wide range of facilities and activities to complement what we offer at the College.

Supporting the academic achievement of our students is a vital element of what we offer and provide at Northam Residential College. Study times are set to a regular routine, so students have no distractions. All students have their personal study space. The length of study time is adapted to match senior and junior students’ study needs. Tutors are available to assist students who may require specialised tutorial sessions. College staff regular and systematic communications, with teachers to they are well informed about students’ progress.

Our students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of sporting activities to develop mind and body. The Northam community has excellent sporting facilities to accommodate sports minded people.

Our students come to us from all over Western Australia and we make it easy of them to quickly settle into our community and feel at home. Great friendships are formed, many for life.