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A great way to live and learn - making friends that last a lifetime.

The residential college is located in Northam, Western Australia (98 kms east of Perth) opposite Northam Senior High School and a short bus ride to St Joseph’s Catholic School. Northam Senior High School continues to offer excellent vocational courses and an extremely successful vocational education and training courses. A full range of ATAR subjects are available for students who wish to continue with a university qualification.

We actively support and encourage students with their studies by providing an excellent learning environment which is functional and well maintained. It is our personal goal to ensure all students feel liked, respected and supported by peers and staff, enjoy college life and are socially confident. We are aware of our responsibility to make sure parents are informed, supported and highly satisfied with their children’s progress. We also ensure the residential college continues to attract responsible staff that is skilled, motivated, empowered and confidently able to meet the challenges of the job.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an opportunity for students in remote areas to attend primary, secondary and TAFE colleges by providing affordable, good quality, supervised accommodation, care and services..